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I had the very distinct privilege of being in Phil's very first classroom in Topeka, Kansas back in 1963. He was my most respected educator ever. I will always remember a well deserved extraction from class one day when Mr. K grabbed me by back of my neck and out we went. How times have changed. May God Bless Phil, Karen, and the entire Kenny family.
I was fortunate to have Mr. Kenny as my 6th grade teacher at Sheldon Elementary in Topeka, Kansas. He was one of the best teachers I had, through a Master's education. I remember that he had a hobby of inventing things. One day he brought in a novel bookends design that automatically shifted the bookends on a spring-loaded track system. As I recall, he had it patented. I was fascinated by the idea of inventions and later went on to become an engineer and now hold several patents of my own. Mr. Kenny made a difference in my life and, no doubt, countless others!
Me. Kenny was my elementary school principal. Out of all my school years I remember him the most. He was always smiling and there to give a hug! His love for kids and education showed in the way he guided them with love! He will be missed. I never met another educator like him! He was one of a kind!
The entire community feels this loss. I met Mr. Kenny as a 3/4 yr old little girl who, with a neighbor friend thought we were old enough to attend Highland Park Elementary School. Mr. Kenny walked us home as we were not yet big enough. I have not lived in Oklahoma for 30 years, but he was a Beacon of light for me. I loved coming to church with my parents as an adult and seeing his beautiful bright smile and open outstretched arms welcoming me home. I pray that God comforts you and your family and that knowing what a difference he made in this world also brings you comfort. RIP Mr. Kenny.
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